Lessons from Amys Baking Company vs The Internet

Time to Stop Posting

There has been an e-war of epic proportions in the last 24 hours; following a recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares highlighting a Scottsdale restaurant named Amys Baking Company there has been a universal backlash of anger and hatred towards this small restaurant (deservedly). The owners Samy and Amy have just hired a PR firm to do damage control but its the epitome of too little too late. Here are some of the most important lessons we’ve taken away from this soon-to-be-out-of-business “business”.

 1. If:   You’re angry

 Then: Walk Away from the Internet

Here are some excerpts from the company’s facebook page that made things much worse

ABC Backlash1ABC Backlash2

ABC Backlash3


  This didactic news story should be close to home for all of us. We’ve all been frustrated and near a keyboard at the same time, but rarely has internet hate had positive results. Not only do internet trolls get excited that their comments are striking a nerve and double their efforts, but well-meaning people get alienated by this shotgun of hatred.


  2. Dont Lie


Dont lie. What a good simple two word rule to live by. But if you have to find yourself in a situation where you have to lie, do yourself a solid and DONT lie on the internet. The collective interwebs are the best detective imaginable. They quickly uncovered the fact that not only were our poor Amy’s famous cakes bought from a local baker but also that she is a convicted felon. Sorry Amy.


  3. Listen and Adapt

You probably know feedback is the most important part of every business. The successful are successful because they give their customers and clients what they want. Actively seeking out feedback from the people we serve and changing our business strategy is the best way to create product loyalty.


Below is the link to the episode that started it all 


Link to Amys Baking Company’s Facebook page: ABC’s Facebook Be warned, it is a hatestorm of biblical proportions.


Update 11-29-2013:

The Baking Company that everyone loves to hate is being offered a reality TV deal and has received tons of free publicity over the last few months (not all of it bad either). In retrospect being crazy is not the worst thing you can do for your business, just as long as it is publicly televised crazy.

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